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So today, I woke up and...

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January 3rd, 2009

12:43 pm - Stuck in the airport
Well, apparently my flight to Waterloo has gotten delayed coming in to Calgary. Apart from the frigid temperatures out, it's a beautiful sunny day here, and I'm stuck for 4 hours in the airport. Unfortunately, I checked right before I left, and the flight was only listed as half an hour delayed. Thankfully, they have free wifi here, hence this post!

Well, since I'm exceedingly horrible at updating, I don't have the patience to detail everything (if you want more info, I'm more than willing to give it to people individually). I'll just say that I had a lot of fun the last bit, despite not going skiing over the holidays. Sarah and I arranged to have each family over for dinner once over the holidays, and that seems to have gone well.

I got just about all the loot I wanted for Christmas (carrying home about 120 pounds of it, plus a cat who's now finally taking a nap).

Before Christmas, we had a great potluck dinner with lots of people. In store for the winter? No clue - but lots of trips to see Sarah in Toronto, I'm sure. Hopefully I'll convince her more to come out to see me in Waterloo, since I'd rather not drive in too much to Toronto, but I'm sure I'll go in every 2-3 weeks. It'll be a bit sad living alone, but I'll survive.

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November 22nd, 2008

12:54 pm
Ho, it's been a while. Here we go again:

About last time I updated, Sarah got in her offers for work for the winter, and lo and behold, she will be working in downtown Toronto for Microsoft, doing some marketing and such for them. It should be exciting for her, since she'll finally get a chance to work and do something that she's really interested in. It'll be a bit sad and lonely to have to do the long-distance relationship, but considering it's not like Toronto is halfway across the planet, we'll still be able to see each other most weekends. And it's actually an 8 month term, so she'll get to see winter and

So, a few weeks later, we made a trip out to Toronto to see some houses. All decent places - some your basement apartment with a family, one in a house with just 5 or 6 other students, and the one she took, which is smaller, but sharing with only one other girl. She's allowed to have Meeko stay there as well, so we'll probably try to arrange something where we swap her between our places every few weeks, so we'll each take her some of the time. It's also nice, since that place is actually only about a 5 minute drive from Dan's place, which means I won't have to drive too much around the city to visit people.

Otherwise, we also had our Christmas Party, which was a show of Penn and Teller. It wasn't entirely exclusive, but pretty much dominated by Sandvine, since, for example, our CEO got up on stage to introduce them. It was a good show, and they did provide some hors d'oeuvres beforehand, but the place really isn't meant to hold 1000 people crowding around trying to grab food. I only got a couple small appetizers from that. Plus, I think some of us were expecting a longer show (it was only about an hour and a half). Everyone still loved it, but I think compared to last year which was a long, fancy dinner/dance, it maybe wasn't quite like what we were expecting.

Otherwise, life is going along fine. Work is still not the most exciting, but I manage. Meeko's getting so big as well! And she's got to be one of the strangest cats ever. Her new favourite place to lie down: the sink. Sarah will be taking her home for Christmas, so luckily we won't have to leave her behind for a few weeks.

Which, speaking about it, I'll be back from the 19th to the 3rd. I decided to take the rest of my vacation time to get my full Christmas break. I don't expect to do this every year (although I'm hoping that next year they automatically give us off the 3-4 days between Christmas and New Years...), but this'll give me lots of time at home.

Nothing big coming up the next bit. Next weekend is mine and Sarah's first anniversary (of a date), so we'll do something special on at least one day that weekend. Sarah will have to be in Toronto the week after, for her training for her job, and then her exams start the week after that. Just over a month away from Christmas, so I guess I have to start thinking of some Christmas gift ideas...

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November 1st, 2008

01:05 pm - For all those who didn't vote
I don't hold too much against you this election for not voting (or not voting in KW), since I do think people still thought it was a safe seat. But just a reminder for next time, get out and vote. Even if you think it's a safe seat.

17 votes

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October 21st, 2008

09:40 pm - Here we are, back for our monthly update
I keep forgetting about updating. I'm pretty sure a lot has gone on the last month...

Had another Thanksgiving meal around here. Smaller crowd this time, only 5 people total, but it was still fun.

Otherwise, I can't remember too much. I think last update my parents came to visit.

Next weekend is Halloween, and we'll be semi-hosting a party (well, a friend upstairs in our building will host it). Should be lots of fun, although I don't know if we'll get 10 people or 30 show up. I've also got a neat costume - I decided to be a revolutionary man, so Sarah has done an awesome job of stitching in some gold ribbon to an old blue suit that we picked up at Value Village.

Other big news is in November, our Christmas party at work will actually be a show at Centre in the Square by Penn and Teller! It's not a big dinner/dance like last year, but it should still be fun.

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September 22nd, 2008

11:22 am - Updatingness
So, apparently I'm bad at this updating thing. Thus, the last month, I have:
-Gone to Wonderland
-fully moved out of student housing
-gone camping
-got sunburned
-peeled off virtually an entire layer of skin
-had my parents come in to town
-gone up to a timeshare place near barrie with them (woot swimming)
-Went to a Beatles tribute band show up there
-continued on with my slow, slightly monotonous work (I'll keep trying to ask to do more interesting stuff)

I've probably done other stuff, but this whole "it's been like over a month since my last update" makes it hard to remember details. I should update more, but meh.

TV starts! Heroes on tonight. The past month we've been going through Buffy and Grey's Anatomy, but we're only in like season 2 of each, and with new TV, that watching will probably slow down.

Meeko's getting big, but also is still bity. I can't wait until she's done this teething stage, since she's so nice and cute when she's not trying to rip through your flesh.

Upcoming, there's some election stuff going on. A trip into TO to visit with the folks before they head back out west. Not too much. Oh, my work is also getting a private show of Penn and Teller for our Holiday party, so that should be pretty awesome.

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August 18th, 2008

01:42 pm - New house!
Well, we're finally getting settled into the new place. Okay, I lie. We mostly got settled into the new place like 2 weeks ago, but I've been too lazy to update.

The apartment is a nice place. Not overly large, but we can live in it. Big kitchen, which is nice. I think we're a bookcase and a desk away from it being all settled, but it's going well. 10 minute walk to work, which is convenient, and I really feel no urge to drive.

Plus we got a kitten! Little Meeko. Cute, fun to play with. Unfortunately likes to bite and try to climb up people, but at least she's really good with the furniture. Plus she likes to wake up at like 7, which is a little early for us.

It's nice to get settled in to a relatively clean place (slowly getting messy as we use it). Definitely good to be out of student housing.

Other info from the past couple weeks? Dunno. This last weekend went out to Stratford Saturday to see Cabaret, which was interesting. Weekend before to Guelph for a Young Liberal convention. Possibly heading out camping this weekend, although most places are all booked up, and not too many people are available this weekend. Wonderland probably next weekend. And more moving crap from our old place to the new one :(

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July 30th, 2008

04:38 pm - Update
Hmm, and I was getting so good at updating for a bit there. So, a month since last update, and what have I done?

-Small things for Canada Day. Went to see the fireworks down by the lake. Saw Wall-E (good movie, recommend for everyone to see it sometime).

-The week after, Sarah decided to go away to Montreal to help out at a math camp, so we had a few weekends in Toronto. Those were mostly hanging around, visiting my aunt, and stuff like that. Went to a play at Stratford (woo 5 dollar tickets), which as always is fun.

Then the next weekend we did our furniture shopping for our new place, picking out our couch, bed, and table. So, at least we'll have something to live in, even if we'll have basically no place to store clothing.

Then for my birthday last week, we went out to see Dark Knight. Definitely a good movie. I liked it. Maybe not "the best movie of all-time" like it seems to get one some websites, but definitely worth seeing on the big screen.

Last weekend not too exciting, picking up some items for the cat. We've decided to call her Meeko, after the raccoon in Pocahontas. As long as she doesn't decide to claw out my leg or our furniture, we'll be fine.

So, this weekend is moving weekend. We'll basically move in everything we need to live at the new place this weekend, and then we'll just have the rest of the month to pack up our old crap. I can't wait to get out of student housing, to a real place.

Elsewise in life, work is fine. Not too exciting, but that's work for you. I mostly stay busy, so far basically fixing bugs. I hope that eventually I'll get new stuff, but we're basically in a push to get the current release out and as bug-free as possible, so I understand that.

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June 29th, 2008

10:35 pm - Wii!!!
So, I've been busy the last week playing lots of Mario Kart on the Wii! So much fun. Although the sad thing is, I think I'm so used to console games, that the wheel feels counter-intuitive. I think on purely a racing game, it might work, but having to throw items as well, it just makes it more to worry about. Still a fun game.

Otherwise, what have I done the last 2-3 weeks? Well, I started work. It maybe doesn't quite feel as thrilling as before, but it's still early on in my working life. Once I get settled in and get back used to the place, I'm sure it will be fine.

We've also decided on our apartment for next year. Being a working man, I definitely needed more than your basic student housing. So starting in August, we'll be living in a 1 bedroom+den apartment, actually still near my current place. And the funny thing? I already know at least 3 other people who live in the building. Not too big, so we may be a little cramped for storage, but we'll manage. And it has a dishwasher! But damn, I can't wait to get out of student housing.

Oh yeah, and i guess my last update was the 12th, so I also happened to get my diploma since the last update. So, I now officially have graduated, and received my degree, which is:

Bachelor of Mathematics
Honours Computer Science - Chemistry minor - Co-operative program

So that weekend was nice, since my brother and parents came down, and we did a bunch of things around town.

Yesterday, Sarah and I went to Toronto, to meet up with one of her navy friends who was stationed in town. We (in a roundabout way) ended up at the Hockey Hall of Fame and went around there. Then after lunch, we met up with Dan and saw Casa Loma, which was nice, but not quite as impressive as Hearst Castle (which is where my little LJ pic I have is from). After a stealthy exit, Dan left, and we had supper, followed by an evening visit to the CN Tower. Unfortunately, it wasn't perfectly clear, so you couldn't see across the lake, but considering overnight and in the morning there were big storms, it was nice to be able to see anything from it. We also watched the sun set on the tower, and got to see the city in darkness. It's a nice view, but I think I still like daylight better. I guess having the time to look out, you can make out spots better in the day. I always like flying in at night to cities, but I guess there you only get a quick view. And to cap off the evening, we got a tour of the minesweeper she was stationed to. That was a fun tour, since we got an in-depth look at a working ship, including seeing the guns, sitting in the CO's chair, and seeing everything else. It's a cramped ship, and all the main rooms were shut with their "authorized entry only" signs, but it was still a fun trip.

Oh yeah, and when we move in to our place in August, Sarah wants a cat, and since one of her friends' cats just had a litter, we've already picked out the one we want. It's a cute little gray and white cat. However, naming has been our recent challenge, so if anyone knows of a nice name for a gray female kitten, let me know.

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June 12th, 2008

11:08 pm - Only 2 weeks
between entries. Crazy.

So, when I left you, I was off to Radium. That was a fun, relaxing trip to see a bunch of hot springs. The "hidden" hotspring we went to was actually one I went to a few years ago when I went to Fairmont with Mike and John. This time, the bottom few pools were overrun with water, so there was only 1 active pool, but it was still quite nice. I want a hot tub/hot spring in my backyard.

Then, I went to a lake party on Saturday, and had a few more little events seeing people the next few days, then flew back to Waterloo on Wednesday. A couple days relaxing at home, then last weekend I went out camping with some Waterloo friends. It was a nice trip, very hot, though. Also, we only got there late Friday, and ended up leaving relatively early Sunday afternoon, so we didn't get much time there. But it was still fun.

This past week has been other random tasks that I figured I should get done. Cleaning up the house, vacuuming the car, applying for OHIP. Then tomorrow, I convocate! Yep, I get my degree tomorrow. Should be exciting. The folks will be around as well, so I'll get to hang out this weekend with the family again.

Then Monday, work. I've enjoyed my time off, but I'm also looking forward to getting back to work. At this point, I'm almost getting bored of being bored at home, so it will be a nice break. That being said, I'm sure once I get going, I'm going to be aching for a break.

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May 28th, 2008

06:57 pm - Breaking the habit
So, I guess I should break my recent habits of having a monthly update, so I will have a second post in May!

First off, this time next week, I'll be back home in Waterloo. Flying back next Wednesday, so I will have less than a week now to do whatever I need to.

Now, I really don't remember everything that I've done while here, so here are the highlights in semi-chronological order:

-Saw Iron Man. Really didn't expect too much with it, but it was actually a pretty good movie. Obviously not going to win best picture, but for a superhero movie, very well done. Fun and entertaining, which is all you can really ask for in a movie.

-Went skiing twice. Once in early May, and it was absolutely gorgeous weather and ski conditions. I'd never gone to Sunshine with it so nice out. Then the second time was almost the end of the season, and by the end of the day, it was about 20C at the base. Thus, our last few runs were in shorts (and a coat, since it was chilly). But the shorts honestly weren't bad. It was very comfortable with them. If skis didn't kick up some snow, I wouldn't have had any troubles with wearing them.

-Saw Indiana Jones. It probably wasn't that great of a movie, but it was Indy, so still fun to see. Worth watching.

-Otherwise, nothing too much. Spent time with friends, family. Went to Vulcan yesterday to see the Star Trek stuff there. Heading to Radium tomorrow to relax in hot springs. Lake party Saturday just after I get back from Radium. Then I guess a day or 2 to pack next week before flying back. Getting really close to the end. It's been fun, but it will be nice to get back to Waterloo. Plus, I'll still have another week and a half of laziness before work starts to do some last minute cleanups around my room, and spend my last real time off before work (as I've told people, I'm giving retirement a test run now).

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